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Combine the prowess of sniping bots and Baboon Tools, all under the trusted umbrella of Telegram. No diversions, no distractions. Just one cohesive platform propelling you to dominate your competition. Unite, streamline, and conquer.

Why Baboon Tools?

🔥 Unmatched Degen Analytics

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By systematically gathering data on snipers, contracts, bribes, and contracts, we offer a unique lens into the sniping realm.

Our evolving grading system pinpoints the top degen wallets, ensuring you're always equipped with knowing what the best snipers are up to.

Navigate the crypto landscape with precision and clarity, only with Baboon Tools.


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Buy our lifetime NFT to get access to all bots. You'll never need a subscription! Read our gitbook for more details.


Verify Your Wallet

Visit our auth app here, and verify with the wallet you've bought with. You'll need to sign a simple transaction. No data will go on-chain.


Come on in!

Once you've verified, use our registration bot to join all the channels you're now eligible for. Keep holding our tokens, and you'll remain a member.